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The future businesses will comprise of two and two assets only: automated process (through technology) and employees of another class. The employees of tomorrow shall possess one quality that the machines and technology shall never be able to surpass; the Creative Thinking (at least it isn’t possible in our lifetimes). Simply explained, an i5 processor on its own cannot build an i7 processor. There has to be a genius working at INTEL who would do that. Though, he may use a computer with i5 processor to do that for him.

The tasks in future shall be divided between two categories: the unproductive (or the routine tasks) and the productive (or the innovative tasks). The unproductive tasks shall be automated and left for different technologies to handle; whereas humans who are ready to think-out-of-the-box shall deal with the productive tasks, needing quick decisions and innovative thinking.

The difference between a creative person and a person incapable of thinking out of the box is something Darwin should have included in his theory of evolution if he ever wanted his theory to become acceptable. With no disrespect to people who can’t think out of the box, today’s world needs these people to carryout stuff, which the creative bunch regard as menial.

The worrying aspect is that the business and organisations around the globe are transferring these menial tasks to machines and technologies; since their probability to falter is far lesser once compared with us the human beings.

If you consider yourself a person who lacks creativity then do not be scared, as creativity is not a trophy awarded at the time of birth. The environment a person is groomed in nurtures creativity. There are ways and means available to become more creative and start thinking out of the box.

To awaken your creative self you need to change; since change is the only constant in life.

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