The Dreaded Half Glass of Water

Half Glass of Water.jpg

The most famous question in the history of interviewing, and still kicking, is: Do you see the glass half full or half empty ? Say “Half glass empty” was enough to close any further doors in the organisation. For as far as I remember companies around the globe had searched for people who had contentment, individuals who saw positivity everywhere. And a reply of “Half glass full” was an evidence of inner peace and tranquility. This interviewee had all the chances to jump up to the next level or may even bag the job.

I wish all those people who had replied “Half glass empty” were still alive and employable because companies are NOW looking for these dissatisfied human beings who are not happy the way they are and are all out to change for something better. They see the glass “Half Empty” and they feel the urge to fill it up. On the other hand candidates who had seen the half glass full (individuals with inner peace, tranquility and Blah, Blah, Blah …… ) are the ones who are now being hunted down and are considered to be the biggest resistance to change. These are the people who are satisfied in status-quo. They want to maintain their ground. They don’t take risks and for them everything and anything new is a recipe for disaster. These are the first ones to go under the axe the moment downsizing is even considered.

In future all these satisfied individuals will find jobs that are governed by strict rules and regulations and where the use of grey matter is limited to understanding the task and performing it. They will find no, or very limited, growth in their professional lives.

So guys I am asking you to get dissatisfied with your lives. Start planning and making goals.

Everyday should be a new day and it should be there to make you a better person than what you were yesterday both in terms of knowledge and experience. Have the urge to excel; have the urge to think big ; have the urge to make a mark ; and above all

“Have the urge to impress yourself”

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