Performance Solutions


At ECentric our mission is to deliver management, organization, HR, technology and process-related advisory services.  We have a number of business solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirement. Regardless of the life stage your organisation is at, we have a solution to assist you getting it right.

Management Solutions

Our management consulting solutions focus on most critical business issues and opportunities like strategy, human resource, marketing, sales, operations, technology, IT, advanced analytics and profits.  With an eye for details, we manage to carry a holistic perspective while generating a solution to best serve your purpose. Through our out-of-the-box approach, we capture values across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We believe in a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


For new businesses and Greenfield projects, we offer solutions ranging from setting up and starting your operations.  For established businesses, striving to introduce best practices or expand in newer territories, we offer just the right solutions to assist them achieve their goals.

Process Improvement Solutions

Our signature “6 Steps of Process Efficiency” program ensures a substantial increase in process efficiencies and thus the profitability of the organisation as a whole through restructuring and revamping inefficient processes.


Step – 1:  Mapping current processes / workflows

Step – 2: Identify inefficiencies

Step – 3: Redesigning processes / workflows to make them more productive

Step – 4: Testing the redesigned processes. 

Step – 5: Fixing bugs and loopholes.

Step – 6: Carrying out "Before & After Analysis


Our Business Processes Reengineering team has a diversifed backgroud of experiences and exposures; basing upon this diversity and market research your processes are reengineered for optimum results.

Efficiency through Technology

The name, ECentric, is derived from “Efficiency Centric Approach” that we follow. It serves as our guiding principle. 


We believe that human talent should not be wasted on non-productive routine tasks.


We are strong advocates of automation for all unproductive and routine tasks. This approach helps organisations to increase their efficiency manifolds since it reduces chances of human errors, ends duplication of works and eliminates considerable man-hours wasted on such labour-intensive processes.

In line with our thinking, we offer automation and technological solutions that will revolutionise your workplace in terms of speed and accuracy of processes.

It is our obligation to deliver what we commit, if not more.  


We peg our success to yours, and tailor our mutual relationship in a way that our success is linked up with "the Value" we create for you.