We grew up listening to the concept of “time is money”, and even today this stands true for businesses that wish to succeed. 


Technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency within business operations, and therefore, saving time. When your business is operating efficiently, you have more time to explore other areas for expanding or diversifying your business portfolio.


Technology allows for faster processing of data, easier retrieval of information, and in some cases automation can reduce or replace unnecessary manpower. Tasks performed by humans can be both time consuming and error-prone. On the other hand by utilising technology, the time consumed is greatly reduced and errors can be minimised, if not eliminated. At ECentric we do exactly that for you.


Our Software Solutions Department is equipped to automate most of the non-productive and routine processes in order to enhance the overall efficiency of the organisations.  This also assists organisations in rightsizing and properly utilising their manpower.   

All these applications are hooked up with the main ERP system to let the decision makers take quick and correct decisions that are implementable in real-time. 

Business Applications & MIS Audit

We provide, integrated and standalone, Business Applications across all major platforms.

Through our expertise, we provide our clients with unique software solutions, tailor-made for specific organisational needs.

Teaming up with our Business Processes Reengineering group and ERP designers, our business applications team has the capabilities to carryout a comprehensive MIS Audit.


ECentric offers tailor-made ERP Solutions that provide centralized one-window solutions for organisations’ specific needs. Our ERP Solutions are designed while keeping in mind both the current and future needs of our clients. By developing a flexible and customizable ERP, we empower our clients to keep pace with changing processes and business environments.  This allows the organisations, using customised ERPs, maintain a strong competitive advantage over their competition. 


We peg our success to yours, and tailor our mutual relationship in a way that our success is linked up with "the Value" we create for you.