HR Solutions


At ECentric we are committed to provide custom-made HR Solutions to our clients based upon carefully analysed organisational needs. We adopt an innovative approach to Human Resource that involves methodical steps to ascertain the exact needs of our clients.

Successful organizations realize that organizational performance is dependent upon staff performance. They also recognize that formal education doesn’t necessarily provide employees with the appropriate skills required to succeed in the workforce.

We offer custom HR Solutions that guarantee results and minimize inefficiency by placing the right people in the right places within an organisation. Our services with regards to HR Solutions include training, professional recruitment and compensation management that will optimize and streamline your business.

Talent Management Solutions

Within our Talent Management Solutions we offer strategies to cater for your most urgent needs related to your Human Capital.  Succession planning, internal & external recruitment, career progression and job analysis are few of the areas we can assist you for gaining maximum benefit out of your employees.

We have a vast database of professionals, which helps us finding the right fit for your organisation. 

Organisational Development & Change Management

Training & Development

We assist organisations in planning, executing and evaluating major organisational interventions involving their human capital.  As independent Change Agents we focus primarily on eliminating the gap between current and desired state, while keeping all the stakeholders engaged.  By doing this we ensure that the ownership of the process remains within the echelons of organisation and thus safeguarding the continuity of the implemented changes.

At ECentric we live by the motto “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”.  Learning is a continuous process and ECentric, through latest TNA techniques, helps you in assessing your organizational needs in the ever evolving and advancing business environment.  A comparison between “what is needed” vis-à-vis “what is available” is drawn to establish the gaps.  Thereafter, appropriate trainings are suggested and planned to maintain the required learning levels.  

We peg our success to yours, and tailor our mutual relationship in a way that our success is linked up with "the Value"we create for you.